Why Elsaco?

Aiming to cover the most demanding market requirements, Elsaco pays special attention to the selection and training of personnel.

Working in a private company with full Romanian capital which operates successfully in high technology fields is a challenge for any career, whether it has just started or has reached its peak. We provide a working environment where integrity and professional excellence go hand in hand and various skills find a way to blossom.

To fulfill its mission and objectives, Elsaco needs dynamic people who can work in a team or lead it, seek for continuously improved results and gain a better position on the market for the company where they work.

Elsaco will certainly be a place where your career will take an upward direction if you are a person who:

  • constantly comes up with new ideas to create new opportunities for business growth and development;
  • understand how one’s work affects business success;
  • establishes clear priorities for what needs to be done;
  • invests time, energy and enthusiasm in developing their own skills and the skills of those around.

Contact person

Cristina Ohaci
Human Resources Director

Telephone: +40 231 507 060
Fax: +40 231 532 905
E-mail: cristina.ohaci@elsaco.com

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