Elsaco Electronic

Elsaco Electronic, the largest and most profitable company in the group, established in 1994, acts as a system integrator and engineering services provider for municipal utilities (energy, water, SCADA and software). ELSACO offers a full range of multidisciplinary services, from studies and analyses, conceptual development, detailed planning and design, to project management, construction, operation and maintenance. For each assignment, we are able to assemble a team of highly qualified persons, with complementary skills and extensive professional experience, capable to deliver to the customer’s highest requirements.

1. Power Projects

  • new installations for producing electricity and heat in cogeneration including biomass, biogas, municipal waste and renewable resources capitalization;
  • heating stations and substations;
  • high energy efficient pumping stations;
  • transport and distribution heating networks;
  • environment & flue gas cleaning technologies for thermal-power plants using coal;
  • heat recovery technologies from the industrial technological processes.

2. Hydro Projects


  • Water and sewer networks;
  • Water treatment plants;
  • Wastewater treatment plants;
  • Pumping stations.


  • structures, buildings, related installations;
  • lighting systems (street, stadium).


3. Automation and SCADA Projects

  • Monitoring, automation and control Systems;
  • DCS systems;
  • Local and regional SCADA systems;
  • MDM Software – Elsaco EMMSYS: complete solution for meter data management, SaaS implementation worldwide;
  • Designing electronic devices.

Elsaco Electronic

41A Pacea Street, Botoșani
+40 231 507 060
+40 231 532 905

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