Elsaco’s Community Involvement

We bring value to the lives of those around us.

Elsaco is actively involved in community activities and encourages reaching high performance goals in education, culture and sports.

Social accountability

Our company promotes the concept of Social Accountability and all that its entails: good business practices, ethical standards operating as landmarks for the relations between the company and its business partners, ethical responsibilities towards the community and environment.

We carry out our activity by adding value to the services we provide to our customers, taking into account community needs, remaining open to new ideas and committed to progress.


Date News
18.04.2024 The conferences of the Institute “A. D. Xenopol”
The conference series of the Institute “A.D. Xenopol” continues in 2024 in Botoșani and we are glad that we can be with you:
24.04 – The decline of the Ottoman Empire, the Armenian orphanage from Strunga and the Union of Armenians in Romania”;
10.04.2024 Drama Club theater group
We support culture, education and talented young people and are happy to be with the Drama Club theater group of the National College “A.T. Laurian” which will hold the show Frecvența Liberă, a tribute to Mugur Călinescu, on Thursday, April 11, from 6:00 p.m., at the Casa de Cultură a Tineretului Botoșani.
08.04.2024 The Association for Values in Education
Education is fundamental for a better future and we are happy support the Association for Values in Education in the Program for the Transformation of Schools in Romania.
Together we create the future!


Date News
06.10.2023 Gala of the Olympics in Education
Education is one of the areas that we always support dearly, being firmly convinced that this is the solution for a better future.
We also awarded this year, during the Gala of the Olympics in Education, the performance of students and teachers from Botoșani, of whom we are proud and to whom we wish much success in the future.
“I strongly believe, as I say on every occasion, in the power of quality education. I firmly believe that these children who today achieve extraordinary results at the Olympics are the ones who will move things forward in this country, the ones who will build a better Romania. And I also believe that they should not only be appreciated and praised for what they do, but should also be continuously supported in order to grow nicely, to develop their extraordinary capabilities that they have already demonstrated that they have”, said Valeriu Iftime, the president to the Elsaco group of companies.
22.08.2023 Haita Challenge
We had the opportunity to meet MTB and running enthusiasts again at the second edition of the Haita Challenge event, which took place on August 19-20.
Challenging routes, breathtaking landscapes, beautiful and energetic people, that’s how we would sum up the two days full of adrenaline!
19.06.2023 We run for blue souls – We run for autism
We had the opportunity to support the organization of the third edition of the Alergăm for blue souls – Alergăm for autism charity cross-country event, which took place on June 17 in Poienita Agrotur.
29.05.2023 Sara pe Deal
The first edition of the “Sara pe Deal” Music Festival, an event that took place on May 26 and 27 in Botoșani, brought to the public quality music, talented artists, and a truly special atmosphere.
We are glad that we had the opportunity to support such a spectacular event!
29.05.2023 Festival of caricatures and epigrams “CIK Damadian”
We are happy to see that Botoşaniul is the host of special events. The third edition of the Festival of Caricatures and Epigrams “CIK Damadian” brought to the public works signed by cartoonists from Armenia, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Iran, Macedonia, Mexico, Montenegro, Palestine, Peru, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Syria, Thailand, Ukraine and Uruguay.
We were honored to support this festival and to have Costel Pătrășcan with us, in a commented cartoon show.
08.05.2023 The conferences of the Institute “A.D. Xenopol” in Botoșani”
We support the series of events: “From universal history to local history. The conferences of the Institute “A.D. Xenopol” in Botoșani”, initiated by the Institute of History “A.D. Xenopol” from the Romanian Academy. The conferences addressed topics such as:
– 19.04.2023 “The community of Armenians from Botoșani and the Armenian genocide”;
– 05.05.2023 “Propaganda and identity on the Romanian-Soviet border after the Second World War”.


Date News
15.09.2022 Excellence in Education Gala
We support the performance in education and we are glad that we were able to contribute to awarding the students from Botoșani who achieved outstanding results at the Olympics and national competitions, in the 2021-2022 school year. 30 students from educational units from Botoșani county and 24 teaching staff who prepared them for the Olympiad stood out with results at the national Olympics.
22.08.2022 Haita MTB
We were happy to support the first edition of the Haita MTB marathon, an event that brought together MTB, hiking and nature enthusiasts. The competition took place at Haita Land on August 20.
20.06.2022 Poesis international
We promote the cultural domain and we are glad that we were able to support the publication of 29th issue of Poesis international magazine.
11.05.2022 Botoșani Sports Program High School
We support performance in the sports field and we are happy to see that the young people we support get such beautiful results! Albert Munteanu, a student of the Sports Program High School from Botoșani, ranked first, in juniors, at the National Half Marathon Championship, an event that took place between May 7-8, 2022.
16.04.2022 Book launch: In the eye of the Cyclone
We were honored to be able to support the launch in Botoșani of Constantin Boștină’s book: “In the eye of the cyclone. I was Nicolae Ceaușescu’s personal secretary”, an event that took place in the presence of the two authors: Alice Barbu and Sorin Roșca Stănescu. How would we describe the event? Unprecedented revelations, a sparkling dialogue, a special experience.
16.04.2022 Zonal tournament of the National School Sports Olympics
We support sports and performance in this field and last weekend gave us the opportunity to award the winners of the zonal tournament of the National School Sports Olympics, in high school football. The competition was organized by the Botoșani County School Inspectorate.
30.03.2022 Gymnasium School no. 1 Leorda, Botoșani
Progress and performance are only possible through education. We are glad that we were able to support the educational process by sponsoring the preparatory class and the first class from the Gymnasium School no. 1 Leorda, Botoșani with magnetic blackboards and flipcharts.
The joy of children is priceless.
21.03.2022 Cornișa Cup in Women’s Football
The Cornișa Cup in Women’s Football took place on March 19 and 20 at Cornișa Aqua Park & Sports. The competition lined up teams from three age groups: primary school, middle school and high school.
For the high school teams category, the prizes of the teams ranked I, II and III were offered by the company Elsaco Electronic and the football club FC Botoșani. We encourage movement and athletic performance!


Date News
15.12.2021 Poesis International
We promote the cultural domain and we are glad that we were able to support the publication of 28th issue of Poesis International magazine.
28.09.2021 Every Can Counts
The #EveryCanCounts aluminum dose collection and recycling program is run by Elsaco Electronic, giving employees access to a collection system and the opportunity to help capitalize on resources. We congratulate for the involvement the 75 employees from the two offices in Botoșani County who collected over 570 doses during this year.

Concerts on Siret
The first edition of the “Concerte pe Siret” project, initiated by the Pro Patrimonio Foundation in three localities on the left bank of the Siret: Mihăileni, Vârfu Câmpului and Călinești, took place between August 18-21, 2021.
On the 140th anniversary of the composer’s birth, four concerts took place in George Enescu’s House in Mihăileni – the heart and starting point of this initiative.
Elsaco was honored to support this event.


The “Monument Ambulance” arrived at Curt’s Church
We were honored to support the restoration of a unique historical monument in the country, the Curt Boyar Church in the village of Hilișeu-Crișan, Botoșani County, dedicated to the “Assumption of the Virgin Mary”, a half-Catholic, half-Orthodox church. Volunteers restored the brick wall of Curt Boyar Church and the stone statues on the canopy.


Date News
02.04.2020 Vlad Darie – BJJ Champion
We need examples, hope, stories to motivate us.
One such example is Vlad Darie, who through hard work and perseverance reached the world top in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the blue belt, in his age category.
His story in the field of BJJ started in 2016 and, as Vlad says, “it is a sport which after trying it you have two options: either you never come again, or you never stop”.
Since then, the medals have comed one after the other, whether we are talking about national championships, European championships, competitions in Paris, London, Zurich, Munich, Rome, Dublin, Budapest, Madrid, Amsterdam, Las Vegas and the list goes on.
We like the stories of the champions and we are proud when we can support them. Good luck, Vlad!


Date News
22.10.2019 Les Films de Cannes à Botoșani

The first edition of Les Films de Cannes à Botoșani, an event that took place between October 20 and 22, brought us wonderful experiences, very interesting stories and many smiles.
We look forward to the second edition!


Date News
13.10.2018 The Centenary of the Romanian Film at Botoșani

The Centenary of the Romanian Film Caravan arrived at Botosani on October 13 and 14 at Unirea Cinema. Special guests of the event were the film critic Irina-Margareta Nistor and Botoşani’s actor Vlad Ivanov. During the event, ran the movies Câinii, directed by Bogdan Mirica and Cristian Mungiu’s Amintiri din Epoca de Aur 2 : Dragoste în timpul liber.
“We all have a tremendous need for culture, and that obliges us to support such actions. Such a project gives me hope in the future. A good film tells you a story, makes you ask questions, makes you more free and balanced. I congratulate you on putting Botosani on the map of this wonderful event, “said Valeriu Iftime – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Elsaco Group of Companies.

25.03.2018 Cyber Hawks at First Tech Challenge

We were proud to support for the second consecutive year the participation of a team of students from the “Mihai Eminescu” National College from Botoșani in the National Robotics Championship – First Tech Challenge.
Congratulations to the Cyber Hawks team!


Date News
05.12.2017 The Different Week

Our colleagues from Botosani were delighted to receive on Tuesday, December 5, 2017, the visit of the 12th grade students with the specializations of Electrician and Technician in Automation from “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical College, during the Different Week.
Interesting activities, smiles, it was a good day !! 😊

26.10.2017 Elsaco and #TOGETHER4EU

We’have proudly supported the project #TOGETHER4EU, a symbol of the approach that European citizens expect from their leaders. Several children in Romania have worked for several months to make the most beautiful masks of the members of the European Council!

18.09.2017 Elsaco supports horse riding

Horse riding is one of the noblest forms of sport and Elsaco had the opportunity to be among the supporters of the largest equestrian competition in Romania, Herneacova International Jumping. The event takes place in Herneacova on September 13-24.

15.09.2017 Elsaco supports the protection of the cultural and natural heritage of Botoșani county

The past is our most valuable possession, it defines our present, and when it comes to protecting it, we should not remain indifferent.
Elsaco has sponsored editing the brochure Our Botoșani monuments – Guide for owners and administrators of historical monuments as well as for local public authorities. The brochure was edited by the Botoşani County Directorate for Culture on the occasion of the European Heritage Days.

13.06.2017 The winners of the “Future entrepreneur” competition, visited Elsaco

We were glad to receive, at our headquarters in Botoșani, the members of the Studio High, students of “Mihai Eminescu” National College. The team ranked second in the “Future Entrepreneur” competition, which took place on 07.06.2017 at “Mihai Eminescu” National College.
The students have learned interesting facts about the history of Elsaco, entrepreneurship, software and cybersecurity from our colleagues of Elsaco Electronic and Elsaco Solutions.


Elsaco supports education and performance in various fields, and this time chosed to support the participation of the Robotics Botoșani team, from the “Mihai Eminescu” National College, to the “BRD FIRST TECH CHALLENGE ROMANIA POWERED BY VODAFONE”, the largest national robotics championship for high schools, which will take place between March 25-26 at Sala Polivalentă in Bucharest.
A team of 11 students from the “Mihai Eminescu” National College in Botosani will participate in the “BRD First Tech Challenge Romania powered by Vodafone”, the largest Robotics Championship for high schools in Romania. 54 teams from 33 cities in Romania entered in the competition, and the winners will participate in the World Robotics Championship which will take place in the United States of America, at St. Louis, in April.
“I was pleasantly impressed to see how inventive they are and how much passion these young people put into the project. It was a real test for them, to work in a team, to identify the skills of each one of design, programming so as to realize a remote controlled robot, which can carry out a series of operations. I am sure, after seeing the students working and talking about their experience, that we have valuable young people who will do amazing things in the future. They are the leaders of tomorrow in the field of technology “, declared Valeriu Iftime, the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Elsaco group of companies.
Over the past few months, preparing for the championship, guided by mentors and coaches, students have developed skills in science, technology, engineering and math. They learned the importance of teamwork and innovation, as well as applying engineering principles in the field of robotics, in a competitive environment.
Good luck to the students from Botosani!


Date News
08.10.2016 Tournament A – “Autumn Cup” at table tennis

Saturday, October 8 2016, in Botoșani took place the A Tournament – “Autumn Cup” at
table tennis, event carried out with the support of Elsaco Electronic.
Within it, 126 people participated from the counties Botoșani, Iasi, Neamț, Suceava and Bacău.

27.05.2016 The Gala Projection of the movie “Bacalaureat” at Botoșani

The film director Cristian Mungiu, winner of the Palme d’Or trophy, and the actors Lia Bugnar and Vlad Ivanov attended, together with the Botoșani audiene, at the screening of “Bacalaureat”. The event, dedicated to the movie lovers from Botoşani, was hosted by the Cinema Unirea on the 27th of May when there were scheduled two screenings of the film, from 16:00 or 19:00 and a press conference, a public debate and an autograph session.
Cristian Mungiu’s participation and of the actors Lia Bugnar and Vlad Ivanov was possible thanks to sponsors Elsaco, Vestra, Cai de Vis and FC Botoșani.

21.04.2016 Drawing and photography exhibition “Water is life – every drop counts! Strop’s story – Drop of water. Help Drop save the Earth! ‘
Vestra, in collaboration with Aries Water Company, organized the drawing and photo exhibition “Water is life – every drop counts! Strop’s story – Drop of water. Help Drop save the Earth.” In the exhibition were presented drawings and photographs of the participants of the contest with the theme of water, students of classes I-XII in Turda and Câmpia Turzii.
At the event were awarded 90 students whose drawings and photographs were selected for the final competition. The winners of the five awards, which consist of a 5 day camp at Cai de Vis Guesthouse, in the locality Vârfu Câmpului (Botoșani County) are:
Drawing contest
“Strop’s story – Drop of water. Help Drop save the Earth!”

  • COMAN ALEXIA – “IOAN OPRIȘ” Secondary School Turda class II B
  • OLIVIA SIMION – “AVRAM IANCU” Secondary School Turda class VII A
  • DARIUS MARINEL BACIU -“TEODOR MURĂȘANU” Secondary School Turda class IV A

Photo contest
“Water is life – every drop counts!”

  • BOZDOC IOANA – “Victor Ungureanu” Technical College class X L3
  • MOCAN RADU – Turda Technical College class XI D

21.04.2016 The “Know more, to be better!” Program – 2016 Edition
Elsaco received the visits of students both in Botosani and Oradea in the week 18 to 22 April 2016, under the “Know more, to be better” Program. So, our colleagues from Oradea learned the story of Raul, an 8 year old boy, passionate about power plants and in Botoșani we were visited by pupils of XI and XII grade from the National College “A. T. Laurian”.
13.04.2016 Planting action at CET Oradea
The Elsaco team, engaged in the cogeneration plant project at Oradea CET, has participated at a planting action. The care for people and for the environment are our priorities in each project. Congratulations to our colleagues !
03.02.2016 Art Exhibition at Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport
Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016 at 11:00 in the median lane connecting the Old Departures Terminal and New Departures Terminal of the Bucharest Henri Coandă Airport was held a painting exhibition organized by the Echitart Association with the support Bucharest National Company of Airports, Cai de Vis, Vestra and Generali. The exhibition is open to passengers transiting the air station in Bucharest and the general public until early May 2016.
The exhibition is provided by the Echitart Association and Cai de Vis from Botoșani County, the location the hosted in the latest years the camp in which were created the works presented in the exhibition. In December last year, students and postgraduate students of the University of Art and Design in Cluj put their imagination in the game and thus managed to address painting in a unique way. Some of the works from the previous years were also promoted in 2014 at an exhibition organized at Iași airport.

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