Over the years, we have sought after the most appropriate means and channels of communication with our audience.

Elsaco Electronic – Power Projects Division

Integrated solutions for high quality and efficiency services in district heating and power generation.

Elsaco Electronic – Hydro Projects Division

High quality services and works.

Elsaco Electronic – SCADA & Software Division

Intelligent solutions. Advanced technologies.

Control your water metering!

Cold water metering campaign initiated by RAJA Constanta, with the support of Constanta County Council and completed by Elsaco Electronic®. Its purpose is to install water meters in 10 000 individual households.

Promotion campaign for Narval-TU 4 apartment meter 4

Promotion campaign for Narval-TU 4 apartment meter 4

Gifts bring joy, Elsaco package makes you happy

Heat central stations campaign.

Now it’s up to you how hot you want it!

Costa allocator launch campaign.

One cost allocator in place, lower costs to face! /a>

Corporate video

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