We Evolve Together with Our Partners

Cooperating with many worldwide-known companies, permanently offered our team the technical support and the necessary consultancy to adopt the optimal solutions. The know-how transfer made within these partnerships lead to the creation of some advanced solutions like the automated management of the urban water and heating supply systems. Thus, we are now able to produce and develop our own products and accessories indispensable to this kind of solutions.

Our partners:



World leader in equipment and solutions supply dedicated to utility metering: water, heat, gas and electricity.

Rockwell Automation


Elsaco Electronic is a certified system integrator of Rockwell Automation, the world leader in industrial automation.

SAE IT-systems


SAE IT-systems offers innovative solutions for data transmission and monitoring, SCADA and energy management sector.



AVK produces a wide range of valves, fittings and hydrants according with the international standards.



Top producer in the field of pumps and pumping systems for heating, air-conditioning and cooling, water supply and waste water disposal systems.



Automation equipments for heating systems.



Sewage systems.



Integrated measuring systems for complete water cycle.

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