Elsaco Group is the aggregate result of the efforts and ideas of hundreds of people with whom I had the pleasure to work for more than two decades.

Beyond the actual endeavors, Elsaco took a piece of each of our souls. We aimed to provide everybody the ideal framework for further development in a dynamic company, with continuously innovative products and activities. Our colleagues’ sense of belonging to one large family is one of our biggest satisfactions.

Over the past twenty years, we have managed to earn our clients’ trust all over the country, offering them quality products and services. We wanted all our collaborators to have the feeling that they have a stable partner alongside. Thus, we have built solid partnerships by offering cost-efficient products using advanced, clean and safe technologies.

How could I synthesize the fundamental creed of the Elsaco Group? We are defined by the desire to offer energy efficiency solutions to the community we live in. Improving the quality of life is the goal which attracts all our efforts.

Eng. PhD Valeriu Iftime

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