Elsaco Engineering

The company was founded in 2013 having the purpose of managing the implementation of heat and electric energy cogeneration projects for heating companies and private companies which need modern production sources of energy based on turbines or motor with gas.

Elsaco Engineering provides project management, partners/subcontractors and engineering and design services coordination by working with its own specialists or with outsourced resources.

The first large project, in progress within 2014-2016, consisted in the construction of a new CHP plant in cogeneration for the Oradea Municipality with an installed capacity of approx. 45MWe and 283 MWt.

Also, Elsaco Engineering implemented a project that targeted zoning, metering and monitoring the pressure in Satu Mare, Carei, Negrești-Oaș and Tășnad in 2014-2015.

Elsaco Engineering

41A Pacea Street, Botoșani
+40 231 507 060 ext. 2114
+40 231 532 905

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