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The company was founded in 2003 in consequence of the water and heating companies’ demands for a software platform dedicated to the management of resources, production and distribution of water and heat to the subscribed clients. The first major implementation was performed at the Water Company Buzău. In time, the platform was developed to offer other functionalities as well, becoming today a powerful ERP/CRM system especially dedicated to utilities companies.

The mission of the company is to provide clients with efficient, safe and fast information solutions for the main management processes (calculation and repartition/invoicing of production to subscribed consumers, clients’ management, integration with existing information systems), which assure a minimum effort of learning and operation, by using advanced and robust equipment.

The company’s field of activity targets the production of software applications for the following types of solutions:

  • implementation of information systems dedicated to invoicing, repartition and business management for utilities companies (water, heat, sanitation), repartition services companies, or tenant associations (Elsaco ACE);
  • implementation of integrated systems of financial and accountancy administration and financial management for medium and large companies in progress of development (Elsaco ELITIS);
  • implementation of information systems for the repartition service companies or housing associations;
  • implementation of software products for financial-accounting domain for small businesses;
  • design, development and implementation of information projects based on clients’ specifications for business processes.

Elsaco Business Software provides all the support services for the proposed/implemented information systems – consultancy, design, personnel training, assistance and technical support, documentation, maintenance, data analysis, process optimization, etc. The company also provides solutions doe various demands of the clients regarding hardware and software platforms, by using the advantage of being a member of Elsaco Group; there are therefore provided both IT&C equipment (servers, data bases, work stations, system applications, networking equipment and data communication) as well as meters namely AMR systems for reading and collection of data from the utilities and resources meters, offered by Elsaco Solutions and Elsaco Electronic/Vestra.

The main implementations of information systems accomplished by Elsaco Business Software for utiliies management were made at: RADET București, Compania de Apă Buzău, Aquavas SA Vaslui, Ecoterm SA Făgăraș, Nova Apaserv SA Botoșani, Termica SA Suceava, Modern Calor SA Botoșani, Termoficare Oradea SA, E-Star SA Gheorghieni, RAM Buzău, RADET Constanța, CET Bacău SA, RAAN – ROMAG Termo Drobeta.

Elsaco Business Software

41A Pacea Street, Botoșani
+40 231 507 060 ext. 2138
+40 231 532 905

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